Victims Advocacy and Assistance Office

Establishment of the protective and supporting mechanism derives from the authority of the Human Rights mandate, as quoted in the UNMIK Regulation no. 1999 /1 issued on 25th of July 1999, modified by the Temporary Kosovo Authority and UNMIK Regulation no. 2000/15 regarding Establishment of the Administrative Department of Justice, which has monitored the Office of the Victims Advocacy Coordinator established as per UNMIK Regulation no. 2001/4 on the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons in Kosova, and UNMIK Regulation No. 2003/12 on Protection against Domestic Violence.

Office has functioned since 2002 within the Department of Justice at the UNMIK Administration, afterwards upon the establishment of Kosova Institutions, the respective Office has been transferred to the Ministry of Justice, namely in the Department for Access to Justice. It has functioned under the latter until November 2011, when State Prosecutor and Ministry of Justice have bound a Memorandum of Understanding on the Transfer of the VAAO from Ministry of Justice in the Office of Chief State Prosecutor.

Providing services for victims of crime during the legal procedures and representation of their interests in the Kosovo penal justice system

VAAOs Activity

Victims` Advocacy and Assistance Office is an independent Office functioning within the Office of Chief State Prosecutor. VAAO is in charge of ensuring that VAAO policies are in accordance with policies of the Office of Chief State Prosecutor and Prosecutorial Council.

VAAO acts as a Headquarter Office in Prishtina and it has seven (7) Offices located throughout Basic Prosecutions, functioning as Regional Offices.

Victim Advocates deal with special cases 24/7, covering the entire territory of Kosova.

Victims` Advocacy and Assistance Office supports and represents Domestic Violence Victims, Human Trafficking Victims, Child Abuse Cases, and Rape Cases, Homicide cases as well as other Victims of Crimes. VAAO represent victims in Police, Prosecutions and Courts.

Mandate of the Victims` Advocacy and Assistance Office

VAAO has mandate to institutionalize rights of victims of crime and to provide them representation, counselling and support for enjoying access to the Justice system.

Victim Advocates are persons officially authorized to provide support and assistance to Victims of Crimes, in order to enable to the latter to have access to Justice Institutions. Victim Advocate is the authorized person having the competencies to inform the injured party regarding his/her rights and to represent interests of victims in the procedures at Prosecution and Court; when needed the Victim Advocate also refers the victim to other service providers, and when needed and proper s/he acts on behalf of the victim in order to prohibit violation of victims` rights and seeing actions towards guaranteeing their protection.

Assistance Operator Line– is a public and free of charge phone number, enabling victims and public a confidential mechanism for reporting different criminal abuses, informing victims and other persons on their rights, providing necessary information regarding existing services and contact numbers as well.

Assistance Operator Line Number, free of charge 24/7: 080011112

Organizational Structure

VAAO is composed of Headquarters, Victim Advocates` Regional Offices and Assistance Operator Line Office. Victim Advocates` Regional Offices are located in seven (7) regions inside the territory of the Republic of Kosova:

1. Regional Office in Prishtina
On-call Service Phone: 044 278 738
Official Landline Phone: 038246-059- 038 200 18 738 (Centrex)
Address: Palace of Justice, Building of the Basic Prosecution, Annex C, Ground Floor, Office no. C007 and COO6, Hajvali
2. Regional Office in Gjilan
On-call Service Phone: 044 711 220
Official Landline Phone: 0280 320 462   
Address: Building of the Basic Prosecution in Gjilan, Street: Marije Shllaku, no number, Gjilan

3. Regional Office in Ferizaj
On-call Service Phone: 044 161 138
Official Landline Phone: 0290 325 602
Address: Building of the Basic Prosecution in Ferizaj, Reçak Street, Ferizaj
4. Regional Office in Prizren
On-call Service Phone: 044 310 468
Official Landline Phone: 029-241-898
Address: Building of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren, Ground Floor,
Office no. 01, 02 and 04, Street: William Walker, Prizren

5. Regional Office in Peja
On-call Service Phone: 044 348 164
Official Landline Phone: 039 421 194 
Address: Building of the Basic Prosecution in Peja, Third Floor, Office number 28,   
Street: Lekë Dukagjini, Pejë

6. Regional Office in Gjakova
On-call Service Phone: 044 310 466
Official Landline Phone: 0390 320 228
Address: Building of the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova, Ground Floor, Street: Mother Theresa, no number, Gjakova

7. Regional Office in Mitrovica
On-call Service Phone: 044 310 468
Official Landline Phone: 028 543 489
Address: Building of Police Station South, third floor, Street: Bislim Bajgora, no. #. Mitrovica

Existing Legal Mechanisms –Legal Basis

Legislation in force, legal basis of local legislation is based on a series of international documents and Conventions.

In Kosova are in force a number of legal acts that guarantee freedoms, rights and obligations of all citizens regardless sex, religion, ethnicity, nationality, status. Among the respective are:

1. Constitution of the Republic of Kosova, approved by Kosova Assembly guaranteeing direct implementation of International Agreements and Instruments (Article 22).
2. Kosova Criminal Code, 03/L-002, date 22/12/2013
3. Kosova Criminal Procedure Code 03/L-003, date 22/12/2013.
4. Law on Kosovo Police (review), 03/L-035, 04.06.2008
5. Law on Protection against Domestic Violence 2010/03-L-182, date 01/07/2010
6. Family Law
7. Law on Social and Family Services (review) 02/L-17, date 01/05/2007
8. Law on Gender Equality 2004/2, date 19/02/2004
9. Law on Health 2004/4, date 19/02/2004.
10. Law on Police Inspectorate of Kosovo (2008/03-L-036) , date 20/02/2008
11. Law on Protection of Personal Data 2010/03-L172, date 29/04/2010
12. Law on Termination of Pregnancy 2008/03-L-110, date 06/11/2008.
13. Law on Inheritance.
14. The Anti-Discrimination Law
15. Law on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting Victims of Trafficking.
16. Law on Witness Protection.
17. Law on Crime Victim Compensation, Law Nr. 05/L -036


1. Administrative Directive no. XX/2012 for determining the place and way of psychosocial treatment of perpetrators of domestic violence
2. Administrative Directive (Health), on the method of treatment to perpetrators of domestic violence against whom there is imposed the measure for mandatory medical treatment from alcoholism and addition to psychotropic substances.

National Strategy against Human Trafficking, for time period 2015-2019
Kosovo Program against Domestic Violence and Action Plan    for time period 2016-2020

Existing Operational Mechanisms

Standard Operating Procedures for the Victims Advocacy and Assistance Office
Standard Operating Procedures for Foreign and Local  Victims and Minimum Standards of Care for Victims of Trafficking, are adopted and implemented in full coordination with all actors dealing with identification, advocacy and referring victims of human trafficking. SOPs on Domestic Violence Victims are in the process of being drafted.

As far as SOPs are concerned, there is an agreement according to which are defined respective roles and responsibilities for the purposes of as better activities coordination and cooperation.



Bulletin No.3

Declaration of damages

Zarar beyannamesi

Contact person:

Basri Kastrati

Manager of the Victims` Advocacy and Assistance Office

Palace of Justice, Building of the Basic Prosecution, Annex C, Ground Floor, Office no.009, Prishtina
Phone: +381(0) 38 200 18 715
E-mail: [email protected]


14 June 2017

Indictment for Terrorism

Prishtina, 14th of June 2017 – Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova has filed indictment against nine (9) persons, whose initials, are: V.I., B.I., L.V., F.G., K.P., A.A., L.G., L.M. and B.P.
13 June 2017

Indictment for ‘Destroying Voting Documents’

Prishtina, 13th of June 2017 – Yesterday, Basic Prosecution in Prishtina has filed indictment against the defendant D.P. charged for criminal offense ‘Destroying Voting Documents’, as stipulated by Article 220 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosova, and which offense is related to the election process of 11th of June 2017.