SPRK has filed an indictment in Organised Crime and Migrant Smuggling case (the ‘Rugova’ case)

Pristina, 18 May - The SPRK has today filed an indictment at the Serious Crimes Department of the Basic Court of Pristina, against twenty (20) defendants. Each of the twenty defendants is charged...more

Special Prosecution has filed indictment for terrorism offense

Prishtina, 6th of May 2016 – Next to the Basic Court in Gjilan, Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova has filed indictment against defendants L.R and A.R, both citizens of Kosova, charged...more

Upon the initiative of State Prosecutor some usurped facilities are vacated

Prishtina, 6th of May 2016 – Upon the initiative of State Prosecutor, today, Basic Prosecution in Prishtina and Ferizaj, following the conducted investigations and collection of evidences in...more

Two persons, suspected for unlawful exercise of medical function, are detained

Prizren, 4th of May 2016 – Today, Basic Prosecution in Prizren has executed Search Order issued by Basic Court in Prizren, for which case Economic Crimes Unit from Peja has conducted...more

Chief Prosecutor Lumezi has held the next meeting with Chief Prosecutors of Prosecutions

Prishtina, 29th of April 2016 – Today, chaired by the Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, was held the next meeting of the Collegium of Chief Prosecutors of the Appellate Prosecution,...more

EULEX and Kosovo Police Joint Search and Arrest Operation

Today, 27 April 2016, a search and arrest operation took place in an ongoing SPRK criminal investigation, executing orders made by the pre-trial judge of the Basic Court of Pristina on 26 April 2016....more